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Avon fundraising can get your school, club, fire department, church, or other organization a quick cash boost in as little as 2 weeks! And its really easy!

An Avon fundraiser provides you with a minimum of effort, planning, and a maximum return. Avon offers special pricing for fundraising on a select number of popular products. They have been tested over time to appeal to large numbers of individuals in both unit price, and give a real value on order quantity. Products are selected seasonally, to ensure your fund raising success! Avon fund raising is professional looking too. Avon prints special fliers with the words "Avon Fund Raising" in large print across the top, bringing a professional appearance to your fundraiser!

Avon's Catalog shopping means you don't need to set up and sell items, you simply hand out catalogs! No worry about rain, scheduling or conflicts with other events around town.

Simply notify me, and I get catalogs for your volunteers, they take orders, & payments, and I deliver your orders ready for the volunteers to deliver. Its so easy to do, you can have a fundraiser one, two, or more times each year. Easily plan budgets, your organization will really prosper!

Thank you.
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