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Have you thought about becoming an Avon Representative? Well if YES! is the answer, you came to the right place! You can Sign Up To Sell Avon Online! You can become an Avon Representative on your time schedule, free of any pressure, and in the comfort of your own home! Start your Avon Business Today! Sell Avon!

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Use the AVON Online Sign Up Form to Sign Up, (a new window will open) The Start Up Kit is NOW ONLY $25. Avon will mail all the supplies you will need for your first 2 campaigns (your first 4 weeks) to you.
Enter Reference Code CARTRIP in the box.
If you have any questions please call of email!

Congratulations New Avon Representative!

Now that you have completed the online sign up, You are ready to sell Avon! Check out these Avon Selling tips! Get your Avon Business off to a great start!

Before your Avon startup kit arrives, tell your neighbors, coworkers, friends, and family members, you have signed up to sell AVON! Then when your kit arrives you have already created a buzz around your new Avon Business! They will be very interested when you bring them your first Avon brochures!

Be Consistent! Always place an order on time! and get the products delivered to your customers in a very timely manor! This is very important. I have picked up so many customers from other Avon Representatives who either don't place regular orders, or who wait weeks to get back to their customers when their orders arrive. Remember a customer is looking forward to getting their order!

Always ask for new customers - A satisfied customer is always willing to recommend products, or services they are happy with! Use this to add to your customer base. You can even come up with a customer rewards program where you offer a small discount to a returning customer, or even for bringing you additional customers. ~ Make Selling Avon Easier!

Your customers are the key to your success! Treat them all with respect. Satisfied customers will be happy to recommend you to others. Your satisfied customers are now providing you with a salary! You are providing them with valuable products, and services that improve their lives, health, beauty, and self image.

Be your own best customer. The best way to sell Avon Products is to know your products! And Show your products! By using Avon products you show confidence in what you sell, and your knowledge of individual product features grows as you become familiar with them.

Always use Avon's online selling tools, including email to keep in touch with your customers, let them know about new items, and sale items! Use Avon's online training videos. And grow your salary by recruiting others to sell Avon too!
Selling Avon is Fun! So Enjoy selling Avon, just as I do!

Thank you, good luck, and keep in touch.
by Cindy Artrip.
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