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Become an Avon Representative

Become an Avon Representative!

Ever thought you might like to becoma an Avon Representative? Well the time may be right for you to Become an Avon Representative! Avon has the lowest start up cost of any home based business. Online, or in person with an Avon Representative the cost is just $15. Use my Sign up to sell Avon page to get started!

Become a Succesful Avon Representative

I began selling Avon products more than 11 years ago. I started building my sales team almost immediately and moved up to Presidents Club within my first year. Always investing back into my Avon Career is part of my success. My fast growing Avon career helped me become independent of a regular job, and regular job expectations. I enjoy more flexible hours, better pay for my hours, much higher levels of satisfaction, and best of all I work for myself!

Join with Me & Become an Avon Representative Today!

I am always looking to add new Avon Representatives to my team. If you are looking to add to your regular income, or change careers, and would rather work for yourself as an Avon Representative, give me a call! Working for yourself still involves working, so be ready to learn a few new things, and change direction. Working for yourself means you no longer work for a paycheck, but work for your success, your family, your earned vacation, your early retirement, and your better life! And if your like me, these are things worth working a little harder for at first, and then enjoying the fruits of your Avon Success as you enter leadership, and Your Team grows!

Call, or email me, and lets talk about your future as an Avon Representative.
Thanks, Cindy.
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Cindy is a Registered Independent Avon Sales & Leadership Development Representative.
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